Decentralised Supply Chain


Decentralised Supply Chain

Decentralisation in a supply chain utilises the manufacturing and raw materials strengths of countries and regions as well as the locality to the final delivery destination improving cost and speed to market while mitigating the risk of relying on one large location or authority to supply the bulk of the goods needed. Risk is also spread across several locales in the decentralised approach and not concentrated in one specific geographical region. In the post-COVID era, the entire world has noticed just how critical supply chains are to keeping the economy running smoothly and, unfortunately, has learned the hard way, exactly why relying solely on one geographical region presents an enormous risk. Risk can find flaws in the most efficient supply chain operations when you are centralised and rely on only one region to produce your entire supply chain.

Currently working with suppliers across 32 countries, Good for Life has been derisking our customer’s supply chain away from China for 10 years, continuously  forecast and scan both the internal and external context for risk as part of the business strategy. As part of the management system process, Good for Life has identified critical areas of the business susceptible to risk and made decisions to turn those threats into opportunities. By having key supply chain roles in sync with one another at separate locations, the supply chain strategy and execution can be proactive while reactive to critical situations. This also highlights Good for Life’s highly valued customer service strategy by ensuring the right people in the organization and individual locales have decision making authority to maximize customer satisfaction.

Benefits of the decentralised approach

  • Diversifies risk throughout the organisation.

  • Moves the supply chain out of one primary region and into a more global one where different geographical suppliers can make supply chain decisions that benefit the raw materials, product, and ultimately the customer, thus creating a system for the highest quality on all levels.

  • Empowers individual locales to continuously innovate and seek improvement to their daily business operations that can be shared with Good for Life.

The decentralised approach to supply chain management also benefits Good for Life’s commitment to supporting suppliers and manufacturers practicing sustainable development. They can prioritise conducting business with those companies improving employment conditions and promoting from within their operations or offering leadership roles to women. Instead of sourcing from one region known for environmental and human rights violations, they now choose suppliers based on their alignment with Good for Life’s business strategy and core commitment. This creates a positive feedback loop as more companies choose to contribute to sustainable development and a win-win for business and all the recipients of a better life.

Decentralized supply chain Podcast is live

[NEW PODCAST] Listen to the below Podcast where our host Nurhadi . sat down with Adam Elson 亚当 亞當 from Good for Life.

He shares his insights on #decentralized #supplychain; how does it #improve the #cost and #speed to #market while mitigating the #risk. Learn also some of #benefits such as #Diversifies risk throughout the organization and moves the #supplychain out of one primary region.

Adam is a Global procurement director at Good for life, a Company that focuses on providing sustainable and responsible sourcing solutions, delivering a client's exceptional results, and the global community Of suppliers with greater opportunities. The three pillars of the company including Sustainable Sourcing, Decentralized Supply Chain, and Agile Technology. Learn more:

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Sustainable Sourcing

Our focus is first and foremost to deliver sustainable outcomes for our customers; whether this is sustainable products or a more sustainable manufacturing process that uses fewer natural resources.

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Agile Technology

Good For Life's business operations are underpinned by a bespoke technology platform that helps deliver Good For Life's core functions in an agile. automated and efficient way

Core functions it plays:

• Project WIP Dashboard
• Sourcing / P2P
• Supplier audit & measurement
• Quality Assurance Protocol documentation
• Critical Paths
• FRI Documentation
• Logistics tracking

By allowing our technology to do the heavy lifting frees up our team to focus on you — our client

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