Agile Technology


Agile Technology

Good for Life believes in focusing on the customer and making the supply chain process seamless. As a result, they invested in agile technology to facilitate those processes with oFlow. Oflow is a custom-designed system from the ground up for Good for Life. Good for Life needed a customer-centric approach to track the order process and make it easy to use for the suppliers; oFLow was the answer. OFlow reduces the friction from taking a brief from a client, briefing the supplier, and managing the project from creating the pricing quote through to shipping. OFlow’s strength is its ease of use. With so many stakeholders involved in a project, you have information in several different forms and various places. The goal with oFlow was to have everything available in the same location and drive the project through its stages using context-driven actions. With oFlow, you only see the information when it requires your action. This stops stakeholders from being overwhelmed by information when most of it may not be relevant to them at that moment.

Interaction by external parties is always a challenge. OFlow creates a common way to communicate, via email, but instead of just plain email, oFLow links any response from those emails directly into oFlow. This keeps the project up to date without the supplier interacting with oFlow directly.  Communication with oFlow is easy, and the interested parties on the project always have the latest news, and easy dashboards keep users on track, so nothing is overlooked. OFlow is an easy-to-use system created to ensure customers receive the right order, at the right time and in the right quantity. OFlow is another innovative approach designed by Good for Life to give you a BetterLife.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our focus is first and foremost to deliver sustainable outcomes for our customers; whether this is sustainable products or a more sustainable manufacturing process that uses fewer natural resources.

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Decentralised Supply Chains

Recent events have brought into sharp focus the need to decentralize the traditional China centric sourcing model and instead move toward a decentralised supply chain

Unlocking alternative supply markets allows for the de-risking of existing supply chains

Alternative supply chains gives access to agile and innovative manufacturing solutions and cost competitive outcomes

Partnering with suppliers in developing markets to positively contribute to the lives of the people a company touches through their workers, the communities they operate, or through who they buy from.

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