Adam is a Global procurement director at Good for life, a Company that focuses on providing sustainable and responsible sourcing solutions, delivering a client’s exceptional results,  and the global community Of suppliers with greater opportunities. The three pillars of the company including Sustainable Sourcing, Decentralised Supply Chain, and Agile Technology. Learn more:

Prior to this role at Good for Life, Adam held various management and executive positions in the sourcing industries. He has more than 18 years of experience in sourcing, procurement, project coordination, supply chain, and staff management across Asia. Spent time living in Beijing, Hong Kong & currently been in Taiwan for the last 7 years. Through the extensive work in Asia and Africa, he understands and respects the culture and way of doing business with people from all walks of life.  Connect him on Linkedin:

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

Decentralized supply chain; Centralized vs. decentralized – which is better?
How can a decentralized supply add value?
How does decentralization mitigate the risks of supply chains post covid19?
Some of the key-takeways

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