February 7, 2017

WaterQube Maxi

Good for Life WaterQube Maxi Water Purifier

WaterQube Maxi Water Purifier

Good for Life – Supplying high performance water purifiers, filters and solar water pumping systems across the globe.

What Makes a Better Water Purifier?

Water Purifiers – there’s a lot more to them than expected. Ours is a time and money- saving water purifying system.

Customer, employees and families can all benefit from our WaterQube Maxi. Some of its features include:

  • Hollow fibre ultrafiltration functionality.
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Vacuum and pressure resistant.
  • Chlorine resistant.
  • Multiple configurations/settings.
  • Resistant to harsh environmental conditions/elements.
  • Absolutely no power needed – gravity-driven
  • Quick and easily assembly
  • Eliminates all particles, bacteria and viruses from the unsanitary water deposits.
  • Water output of up to 600 Litres per hour.

About Our WaterQube Maxi Water Purifiers – Cleaner. Safer. Better.

At Good for Life, we prioritise employees and customers first while simultaneously providing eco-friendly products to preserve and protect our delicate global environment. Our environmental impacts on global water supplies begin, and end, with us.

The WaterQube Maxi is capable of eliminating all harmful bacteria, contaminants and viruses thousands of people are exposed to everyday amongst underdeveloped communities. It produces clean water with little to no maintenance and has an output of up to 600 litres per hour!

In addition to its superior filtration effectiveness, a Good for Life WaterQube Maxi water purifier will will eliminate the following contaminants:

  • Lead and Cadmium,
  • Disinfection from other products/chemicals.
  • Organophosphates like pesticides and herbicides,
  • VOC’s like tetrachloroethylene and toluene, and;
  • TOC

The Good for Life WaterQube Maxi water purifier is purposely constructed to be easily assembled without requiring any addition hardware or components. Our advanced filtration technology is being effectively utilised worldwide within:

• Wastewater treatment and recycling
• Food and beverage industries
• Heating plants
• Chemical industries
• Breweries and;
• Pharmaceutical industries.

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