June 27, 2017

Steriplant Agro

Steriplant Agro

Good for Life’s Steriplant™ for Agriculture – Supplying natural sanitiser for common diseases of crops and livestock across the globe.

Farmers have continued to struggle against crop failure due to common fungal and viral diseases and high mortality rates in livestock for centuries. This can stop now with the use of Steriplant Agricultural.

Good for Life Products – How We Help

Good for Life Steriplant® purifies crops and livestock in a safe and effective way without any chemical additives.

Good For Life not only looks for ways to improve our health by what goes into our bodies, but also what goes out into the environment.  That is why the wide range of applications for Steriplant® are so beneficial to us and Mother Nature.

Fruits and Vegetables stay fresh and bacteria-free.  Plants grow stronger and healthier.  Disease-causing bacteria in water is neutralized.  All in an environmentally responsible manner; Steriplant® truly is Good For (all) Life.

It is an eco-friendly option for farms to be able to be organic compliant, while having a  natural way to protect their crops and livestock as well as increasing their income.

What is Steriplant™ Natural Disinfectant?

Steriplant® is an electrolytic, water-based natural disinfectant. Formulated without any chemical additives, it is germ resistant and 100% environmentally-friendly.

Good for Life’s Steriplant™ effectively eliminates pathogens, safely purifying the air around you. It contains advanced ingredients capable of substituting other chemical sanitisers completely.

What are the benefits?

As a Steriplant™ Natural Disinfectant customer, you’ll benefit from its following key features:

  • Quickly creates a Natural Protection Agent
  • Effectively eliminates harmful micro-organisms 3-dimensionally upon contact with all surface.
  • Eco-friendly, water-based sanitiser,.
  • Helps prevent sickness and diseases to plants and animals caused by germs.
  • Applicable in extreme climate conditions.

What specifically does it combat?

Good for Life’s Steriplant™ Natural Disinfectant purifies air and effectively removes bacteria. Specifically our disinfectant product is effective against:

  • Algae
  • Fungi, Spores, Mould, Mildew
  • Pathogens (Bacteria and Virus)
  • Diseases caused by pathogenic germs
  • Other resistant germs

Steriplant™ starts to reliably sanitise and remove bacteria within 15 minutes!

Applications for Good for Life’s Steriplant™

• Rice  – Increase yields by twice as much
• Wheat  – Increase yields by twice as much
• Poultry Farms – Increase in harvest, healthier birds, lower mortality rates
• Warehousing & Logistics – Containers, Silos, Storage Facilities.

See our videos below to watch first-hand how Steriplant™ Natural Disinfectant is most effectively applied.