August 19, 2018

Solar Pumping for Irrigation

Solar Pumping Solutions

Good for Life – Supplying solar pumping solutions, water purifiers and water filtration systems across the globe.

Why are our Solar Pumping Solutions better?

Good for Life hold supply agreements with LORENTZ solar pumps, a leading German solar water pump supplier, and ROVATTI solar pumps, an Italian manufacture. These high performance solar water pump’s features include:

  • European engineered
  • High Performance and corrosion-resistant components.
  • Temperature adjustments enhancing water output levels.
  • Through electrical engineering and manufacturing, REAQUA works in close collaboration with Good for Life providing:
    – Electrical control rooms.
    – Grid and generator power sources, and;
    – Remote monitoring systems.

We have over 20 years of experience providing accredited solar pumping solutions to the Australian Agricultural Industry – Put simply, we’re a reputable supplier you can trust.

Good for Life can provide you with a pumping system specifically catered to your operational criteria. We supply additional solar pump system components including:

  • Tier 1 PV panels
  • Mounting systems,
  • Electrical earthing systems,
  • Solar pump drives, controls and other components with performance capabilities up to 500kw.

We also provide premium Project Management services. We cover all areas such as:

• On-site contractor supervision for civil, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services,
• Commissioning, and;
• Customer training.

About Our Solar Pumping Solutions – Cleaner. Safer. Better.

In addition to supplying solar pumping products themselves, we also provide both on-site and remote customer support, including maintenance and repairs.

At Good for Life, we prioritise employees and customers first while simultaneously providing eco-friendly products to preserve and protect our delicate global environment. Our environmental impacts on global water supplies begin, and end, with us.

LORENTZ and ROVATTI Solar Pumps – What are the key benefits?

At Good for Life, we only supply the very best in water pumping and solar pumping for irrigation. Our premium products provide the following key benefits:

• Extensive life expectancy compared with any others on the market.
• Capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions – remote locations, frequent exposure to unpredictable elements and weather.
• Smart modular design – simple and cost effective maintenance.
• Constructed with water filled motors improving reliability and eliminating potential oil contamination issues.

Get in touch with us today via our Contact Us page to further discuss Good for Life Solar Pumping Solutions, and our other water filter related products.