August 18, 2018

Solar Pumping for Communities

Solar Pumping for Communities

Good for Life – Supplying solar pumping solutions to rural communities across Africa and Asia.

Why are our Solar Pumping Solutions better?

At Good for Life we’re taking the initiative to do all we can to provide effective, sustainable solutions. With more than 20 years’ experience supplying solar pumping solutions to the Australian agricultural industry, Good for Life is confident that the solution to global food and water security is to be found in the use of solar energy.Using our combined experience, knowledge commitment to humanity, Good for Life has positioned itself at the very core of the solar pumping solution. Good for Life is able to supply modern, innovative European solar pump technology, comprehensive engineering support and finance solutions to a world, hungry for modern solutions.

Good for Life has partnered with the world’s leading solar pump company LORENTZ to offer a range of solar pumping solutions that met environmental conditions, quality & performance & value for money.A typical solar pumping system consists of:

  1. A solar power source mounted a single pole
  2. A controller to manage the solar power supply to the pump
  3. A submersible pump including cable and flexible hose
  4. Ancillaries including isolation switch and cabling

Typically the water would be pumped into a tank with a high level float to switch off the pump when the tank is full. The tank can be elevated for village water supply or small scale irrigation .

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