August 18, 2018

Solar Pivot Irrigation

Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems

Good for Life – Along with our solar pumping solutions, we also supply centre pivot irrigation systems across the globe.

Based on a well proven structural design and incorporating drive  train and control components from established industry suppliers.

These systems have been  installated of nearly 1000 centre pivot systems across all parts of Australia and the world including UK, USA, New Zealand, South Africa & Sudan.

The centre pivot is available in following sizes and options:

    • 6 5/8 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch diameter pipe.
    • Span lengths from 34.44m to 61.26m
    • Extra height options for taller crops.

Pivot irrigation systems can be specified as a fixed installation or towable options are available with either 3 wheel or 4 wheel centre tow cart.

As standard, we supply the pivot with a basic electro-mechanical control panel. This means they are rugged and reliable for remote locations. Spare parts and repairs can be done with off the shelf industrial electrical components without the need to stock a large amount of proprietary equipment. Forward/Reverse, water application rate control and low pressure shutdown are all standard.

Sprinkler packages are computer designed to suit your individual flow rate and we can offer either Nelson or Senninger sprinkler options.

Heavy duty wheel gearboxes and 14.9×24 tyres are fitted as standard equipment.