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If you think printing in China is too much of a hassle to attempt, think again. With Orient Sourcing’s strong presence and skills when dealing with China, we have the experience and the confidence to present and manage the ultimate solution for all your offshore printing needs. The clients in our extensive portfolio boast savings of over 30% from what it would normally cost them to print elsewhere. Why not join their ranks and speak to us about the countless ways you can save money today? Our offices across Asia guarantees that we will have full control over your project at all times. This eradicates the need for you to fly to China every time an issue comes up. Orient Sourcing will handle every aspect of your project, ensuring that the printing process and quality are up to international standards. You are more than welcome to press check the printing to ensure that everything flows smoothly, but you can rest assured that we will have everything under control.


Orient Sourcing is an old pro in sourcing for promotional merchandise in China. With access to an impressive range of wholesalers, we at Orient Sourcing are able to provide exceptional solutions to all your promotional merchandise needs. No matter the brand or message that you wish to broadcast, we will ensure that your brand awareness is amplified through our wide range of branding options. Not only will Orient Sourcing source for the merchandise, we will also brand and deliver these tailor-made goods to you. This will be done by applying our knowledge of the local market in China to ensure that you receive quality products at competitive rates.


Orient Sourcing will ensure that manufacturing your goods in China will be a beneficial step to take. Whether you already have a product in mind, of if you want your items to be specially manufactured, Orient Sourcing will handle everything for you. All we need are samples and/or detailed specifications and we will source, pinpoint and validate the perfect manufacturer for you in China. We will ensure that your entire project is professionally managed from start right up to the delivery at your doorstep. If you wish, we will also draft and manage confidentiality agreements between you and potential manufacturers to ensure that your intellectual property is protected and respected at all times.

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14 Years experience in souring from Asia. Quality, efficiency and security are our trademarks.

Need a base from which to source for promotional products in China? Thinking of conducting bulk printing in Asia? How about dipping your toes into the manufacturing industry offshore?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the above, then you have come to the right place.

Since 2004, we at Orient Sourcing have established and nurtured a healthy business relationship with our suppliers in Asia. Ranging from importing to printing, to sourcing and manufacturing, we are confident that our strong presence in the Asian region can help you source from the world's factory.

Our substantial relationship with our Asia-based partners and successful assimilation into the local cultures have enabled us to be the forerunners in all international issues associated with dealing offshore.

So if you are looking for a reliable and capable Asia-based intermediary who can handle the uncertainty and hassle of dealing with one of the world’s largest economic super powers, then Orient Sourcing is the way to go. Click here to read more.


Adam Elson

General Manager
Adam has been involved in the International Trade industry for over 15 years. His time spent working out of the Taiwan, China and Australia offices have put him in the perfect position to bridge the gap between these cultures. Adam’s fluency in Mandarin stems from his love of the language and culture, giving him great insight and understanding into the intricate world of business dealings in the Asian region.

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