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There are many facets of what makes things Good for Life. Accessible water, food security and health are the key values emphasised by Good for Life.

All around the world where there is a growing demand for a better standard of living, Good for Life offer solutions to improve these communities, and the lives of the people inhabiting them. Through renewable technologies, like Solar Pumping, these people will have access to cleaner, more pure drinking water, more accessible water for irrigation and agriculture to bring about food security and an overall sense of health and wellbeing, which should be a basic human right to all.

Good for Life are continually developing products in relation to things that are good for you, good for the community, and overall, good for life.

Good for Life is an Australian company bringing the latest clean technology to the world.  Our organisation was founded by a couple of Australian businessmen with a shared interest in empowering others to live better, more sustainable lives.

They boast individual backgrounds in management, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sustainability consulting and renewable energy. Years of experience in their respective fields had contributed to the realisation that the wellbeing of people and their environment should always come first.   

Through hard work and perseverance, they have come to understand that what's good for 'me' is therefore good for 'us' and hence by design, Good for Life


Management Team

Adam Elson

Managing Director
Clean water and air are Adam’s passion and providing solutions to Asia and the world to better the lives of people is his greatest goal. Adam has been working through Asia for over 12 years. Originally from Adelaide, he has lived and worked in Beijing and is now based in Taiwan.

Andrew Cromarty

Engineering Director
Andrew’s passion is to create engineering solutions combining existing and emerging technologies in water treatment, renewable energy and water movement. Having held executive roles within multi-national businesses in banking, engineering & manufacture, Andrew brings commercial insight, strategic development and product development & innovation to the team. 

Africa Team

Abebe Getachew

Business Development – Africa

Girma Azene

Africa Liaison

Robert Coombes

Malawi Director

Marc Malan

Finance Specialist – Africa

Samson Tefera Robi

Representative – Africa

Yonas Woldu

Representative – Uganda & Eritrea


Representative – Namibia


Representative – Sudan

Asia Team

Anil Kaura

Representative – India (Steriplant)

Case Studies